Yale Connect Hub

The Yale Connect Hub is a device that acts as a link between the Yale Connect app and the different components and locks compatible with the Yale Connect system.

A Hub can control up to 16 components (see "4. Pairing Yale Connect Compatible Devices").



To edit the settings of the Yale Connect Hub, access Menu / Settings / Devices, select the Hub and touch the edit symbol (Pencil). You can edit the name assigned to the device, see what environment in your home is located and select if firmware updates are done automatically.



The Yale Connect Hub can report different status:

- Off Line: The Yale Connect app cannot connect to the Hub/Device. You may have lost your connection to the Wi-Fi® network or have no power. In this state the device cannot be used.

- Pending updates: If the status of the Hub contains pending updates, it is recommended to perform them to ensure the correct functioning of the device and the Yale Connect application. Updates can be made from Menu / Settings / Devices by selecting "Update (download icon arrow)" to the right of the device.


Linked Components

Each Yale Connect Hub can control up to 16 components.