User Administration

You can manage different users and permissions of all linked devices from the Yale Connect app; from Menu> Settings / User Management / "+" the application will ask you to select the type of User:

- CREATE USER WITH APP ACCESS: generate a new guest and configure the type of permissions to manage your locks. This user will be able to operate the devices remotely.

- CREATE USER PIN CODE ONLY: they are users who do not need to use the Yale Connect app. They are assigned a PIN and can only control the locks manually using the access code.  This option is only available for digital door locks.

NOTE: Digital door locks have additional features not found in other electro mechanical devices. For example digital door locks have PIN codes and Auto Lock, while electro mechanical locks lack this feature.

After defining the "user type" you must select the lock/s and then set the duration of permission.

The permissions can be:

-       Always: you only need to configure the start date.

-       Temporary: you can configure the access up to 7 consecutive days, after which the access is cancelled.

-       Calendar: access will be based on week days, time range and start and end dates that you assign.

To modify or delete existing permissions go to: Menu> Settings / User Administration, the list will show the existing users. By selecting the user you can edit or delete the type of permissions.