Pairing a Yale Connect Hub

Verify Wi-Fi® signal strength

Before starting the pairing process, verify that at the place where the Yale Connect Hub will be installed, your mobile device (Smartphone or Tablet) must have at least two Wi-Fi® signal level bars.

If you do not have good Wi-Fi® signal strength, we recommend optimizing your installation by relocating the modem or by using a more powerful Wi-Fi® modem or Wi-Fi® extender.

 ATENTION: Your mobile device must be connected by Wi-Fi® to the same network where the Yale Connect Hub will connect, and it must have Internet connection throughout the installation process and during the linking of new devices.

To control your Yale devices from the Yale Connect application, you must first link the Yale Connect Hub.

If it is the first time you use the application, the home screen will show a welcome message, press the "Start" button.

If you are adding more Hubs, or if this is not the first time you use the app, go to Menu / Options: Settings / Devices / and touch the "+" symbol to start the process of linking a new device.

Then follow the step by step guide to finish the pairing process.

Perform the Yale Hub installation, making sure that the hub is plugged to the power supply via the USB cable.

The central LED should flash Green.

The app will look for the device to link, and once found, you will be prompted to select your Wi-Fi® network and enter the password. Once this step is completed, the Hub will be linked to the Wi-Fi® network.

If you are installing more than one Yale Connect Hub, the app will show you a list of the Yale Hub devices found. Select the appropriate Hub to install from the list.

If you cannot automatically connect to the Yale device network, or the operating system does not do this automatically, the application will ask you to connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi® network that Yale Hub is emitting; you will recognize the network by its name: "YALE-XXX-XXXXXXXXXX".

In this step, you must go to the Wi-Fi® network configuration on your mobile device and search the network "YALE-XXX-XXXXXX" and connect.

 Once connected to the Hub's Wi-Fi® network, go back to the Yale Connect application. The app will then show a list of available Wi-Fi® networks in your home; select the network you want to pair with the Yale Connect Hub and press ">"

The app will ask you to enter the password of your Wi-Fi® network.  Once this process is finished, the Yale Connect Hub will be paired to the home’s network.


ATENTION: Please provide the correct password for your Wi-Fi® network, otherwise the Hub will not be able to connect.

NOTE: Some steps in this process may differ depending on the Operating System of your tablet or smartphone.

New Device:

In this screen you will be prompted to name the Yale Connect Hub (e.g., Joe’s Apartment), and to select a room.

Once finished, the app may take several seconds to finish configuring the new device.

Once the process is completed, your Yale Hub will be ready to link Yale Connect compatible devices under Yale or other ASSA ABLOY group. For a full list of Yale Connect compatible products, please visit

If after the pairing process is finished and you cannot control the Yale Connect Hub, it is possible that you have typed the wrong Wi-Fi® password during set up, and you must return the Device to "Connect Mode" and start the pairing process again.

 To start connecting / linking Yale components to the Hub select the "Link (double arrow)" icon to the right of the name of your new Yale Hub. Refer to: “Pairing Yale Connect Compatible Devices”.