What is Yale Connect?
Yale Connect is an intelligent system that allows you to control remotely YALE / ASSA ABLOY devices / locks from your Smartphone, tablet or PC.

For what devices is the Yale Connect app available?
The Yale Connect application is available for iOS and Android devices (see requirements under "Notes and Warnings").To control YALE locks with other operating systems (PC/MAC), access the web portal at: https://www.yaleconnecthub.com

How do I install the Yale Connect app on my mobile device?
The Yale Connect application can be downloaded from the Google Play store (Android) or iTunes (iOS). Please refer to "Installation Instructions" on the Help menu.

What are the requirements to install the YALE Connect app?

In order to install the application you need:
- A mobile device (Tablet or Smartphone) with operating system iOS 7 + or Android 4.0.3 +.
- A Wi-Fi® network connected to the internet, with no restrictions or proxy to go online.

What is a Yale Connect HUB?
The Yale Connect Hub allows you to connect components / locks, compatible with Yale Connect, to a Wi-Fi® network to control them from a mobile device wherever you may be.


How many devices / locks can I associate with each Yale Connect HUB?
The Yale Connect Hub allows you to connect up to 16 components, compatible with Yale Connect.

How do I link a Yale Connect HUB with the application?
To link a HUB with your YALE Connect application, see: "Link a new YALE Connect Hub" Help.

What do the HUB lights mean?
The HUB has three LED lights that can indicate different states.



Middle LED flashing Green  irregularly

HUB paired successfully and working correctly.

Middle LED flashing Green  every second

HUB is in pairing mode.

Middle LED constant RED

HUB is connected to Wi-Fi network but there is no internet access.

Middle LED flashes RED

HUB cannot connect to local Wi-Fi network.


What locks / devices does YALE Connect support?

The Yale Connect Hub is compatible with the following components:

- Digital door locks with ZigBee radio module incorporated: YMF30 / 40, Yale Real Living Deadbolt (YRD221) and Yale Real Living Lever (YRL221).
- Rim locks and electric strikes with the option of remote control incorporated.
- Mag locks with the option of remote control module.

Visit www.yaleconnecthub.com to see the updated list of compatible devices.


How do I link a device / lock to the YALE Connect application?

To manage your devices and locks from the YALE Connect application you must have at least one YALE Connect HUB linked to it.
Each device requires different procedures. You need to have the user manual of the product you want to link.
From the app go to Menu / Options: Settings / Devices / and tap the "Link (double arrow)" icon to the right of the YALE Hub name to start the process of linking a new lock.
Select from the list the type of device to be linked / connected; the application will guide you step by step until you finish the linking process.
For more information you can consult: "Link components to the HUB YALE Connect" on the Help menu.

What are Yale Connect Homes?
The YALE Connect application from YALE lets you manage devices from various "Homes" or locations. For example, the devices of Home, Office and Beach House. From Menu> Settings / Homes, you can add, edit and delete these locations.


How do I synchronize the locks / devices with my Home time?
It is important to configure the "Time zone" of your home so that the permissions on each of the devices in the Home are synchronized.

To do this go to: Menu / Settings / Homes / Select and Edit (Pencil) / Time Zone / Select your country and the time zone that corresponds.

What are they and how do I use the Rooms?
In Yale Connect the Rooms are locations within the same Home: living, kitchen, garage, etc. You can add edit and remove Environments from Menu> Settings / Rooms".


What is User Management?

From the YALE Connect application you can manage permissions and access control of all linked locks.
You can create different "types" of users
- USER WITH APP ACCESS: is a guest that will have the permissions that you configure from the app to be able to operate your locks using the app.

- USER PIN CODE ONLY: This are users who do not need to use the YALE Connect app. They are assigned a PIN and can only control the locks manually using the access code.

To create and manage new users you can see: "User administration" on the Help menu.

What types of permissions can I grant from the application?

Different users that you invite to control your YALE Connect devices can have different types of permissions:

> Always: there are no restrictions starting on the selected date.
> Temporary: the user will have permission from the indicated start date and for a period of up to 7 calendar days.
> Scheduled: access will be possible only on the days of the week, time range and assigned start and end dates. You must assign days of the week, time range, and start and end dates for this type of permission.

To create and manage permissions for Users you can see: "User Administration" Help.

 What are Notifications?
Yale Connect sends pre-configured notifications to the mobile device where it is installed. For example, when an invitation to another "Home" is received.

To view received notifications access from Menu / Notifications.


From Menu / Settings / My account can modify notification options; For example: configure that they are also sent to an email.

What is the Usage Records on YALE Connect?
The "Usage Records" function of the YALE Connect app lets you know the actions taken on the devices / locks associated with it.
They let you know the user and action recorded by the components on a given date.

For more information see: "Usage records" in the help menu.

How do I use YALE Connect from a PC?
You can access the Yale Connect portal from www.yaleconnecthub.com
Enter your e-mail and password to manage your account and your Yale Connect devices.
The web portal has limited functionality, only being able to operate the devices and change account password in case of lost or theft of phone.

What happens if I disconnect my internet connection from my home?
If the local network has no internet connection, Yale Connect devices can be controlled locally from any device that is connected to the same Wi-Fi® network. However the devices cannot be managed from outside the home.

What happens if I change my Wi-Fi® network?
If you change your home Wi-Fi® settings, you must re-link your Yale Connect HUB with the Yale Connect application. To perform this linking it will be necessary for the HUB to be in "Connect Mode" to perform the pairing process.  Please refer to “Pairing a Yale Connect Hub” in the help menu.

What happens if the light goes out?
All Yale Connect devices operate on electrical power, so they will not operate without it.
In case you are not home, the application will show that the components are off  line.

How do I set a Yale Connect HUB in Pairing mode to link to a Wi-Fi® network?
See "Pairing Mode" of the Help menu.

How do I pair a Digital Door Lock with the Hub? "Registering the Radio Module" or "Setting the Network Module"
Yale Real Living Locks and YMF/YDF 30/40 Locks must be set in "Register Remote Control Module" mode to be linked to a Yale Connect Hub.  Please be sure the ZigBee radio module is inserted in the lock.

Yale Rael Living Locks: from the keypad of the lock: > enter the master code > press the "#" button > press the "7" button > "#" button > "1" button > "#" button

Locks YMF30: from the keypad of the lock: enter the master code > press the “R” button on interior of locks > press the "9" button> "#" > button "1"> button "#". Once the lock makes the pairing sound, press “R” button to finish.

What happens if I lose my phone?
If you lose your mobile device with the Yale Connect application, we recommend entering the web portal from: www.yaleconnecthub.com, and make a password change in your account.

From this portal menu, you will be asked to enter the account login data: user and password. From menu options, choose “Change Password”

You can also log in to the Yale Connect App from other devices (iOS and Android) and change the password from settings/my account.

What happens if I cannot remember my Yale Connect account password?
From the application you can request the recovery of your password.  After confirming this process, you will receive by email a new password to access your account