Pairing Yale Connect Compatible Devices

To link Yale Connect compatible components to a Yale Hub, go to Menu / Options: Settings / Devices / and tap the "Link (double arrow)" icon to the right of the Yale Hub name to start the process.

NOTE: Each component requires different procedures and you will need to refer to the user manual of the product you want to pair. If you are pairing a digital lock you must have the master code.

ATENTION: When paring or un pairing a digital door lock to the Hub, all PIN codes previously stored will be delete from the lock’s memory (except for the Master Code).

Select from the list the component to be linked / connected; the application will guide you step by step until you finish the pairing process.

ATENTION: If a digital lock is being paired, it must be closed when the pairing process is initiated. 

At the end of the pairing process the application will ask to identify with a name the new component linked to your Yale Connect Hub.