ASSA ABLOY Belgium utilize office facade for marketing

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ASSA ABLOY office in Wemmel, Belgium use their office facade in a creative and smart way to promote the ASSA ABLOY brands.

The office is located next to one of the busiest roads around Brussels, and is thereby passed by more than 90 000 vehicles (cars, vans, trucks, busses etc.) daily, not uncommonly waiting in car queues.

The idea of using the building’s facade as an advertising space popped up in 2014 and it has since then been used for numerous of different campaigns. Paul Cassiman, Commercial Director at ASSA ABLOY Belgium is one of the people behind this great initiative. Paul tells us that they have been switching between different campaigns every 3-4 months to keep the space up to date and interesting. He also mentions that a lot of people outside of ASSA ABLOY and Yale often recognises the brands “from that building by the motorway”.

Paul shows us two examples of Yale campaigns that have been highlighted on the facade during 2015. Depending on time of the year they tend to highlight different themes. For example, “Secure your holiday” during the holidays and a “Dark Nights” theme in the winter.

Façade Q3 2015       Window Sticker Q4