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Imagine for a minute; your smartphone as the virtual key of your front door. From now on no more keys! You choose when someone can enter your home, even when you aren't there. It's all possible with Yale ENTR.

Wether it's about luxury and comfort, or flexible access for caregivers at home, or even remote managing a holiday home; Yale ENTR is your personal doorman, caregiver and host all in one. In about 3 minutes you can upgrade your front door to a smart door. Ready for the future? Experience the convenience of keyless/ keyfree access. Upgrade your smartphone to your virtual key!

Yale ENTR can be placed on your existing door lock, you can setup your own secure and flexible access control. This smart locking solution enables you to control your doorlock quickly and without keys. Through the smartphone app you lock and unlock automatically your door, or even allow temporary access. Optimal protection combined to extreme convenience.

Do you wish to learn more about this innovative product?

Contact Piet Van den Bossche: Project@assaabloy.be