Yale 3D World Magic & Fun

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Ever dreamt of stepping in a painting?

At Yale 3D World Magic & Fun you are the hero!

You can pose in more than 50 lifelike painted decors, while your family and/or friends take crazy pictures of you.

What isn't allowed elsewhere, is mandatory here: posing, touching, going nuts, taking pictures, ...

Besides a few decors with animals, this year you 'll meet Marilyn Monroe, play table tennis with Jean-Michel Saive, undergo the pranks of Miss Piggy (from the Muppet Show), do someting extraordinary with some of the Van Gogh's paintings, try to beat Darth Vader at saber fighting, punish Pinokkio for his lies, and even make Michelangelo blush.

As if this isn't enough: visitors can enjoy two decors of FC De Kampioenen and three decors of the popular Ketnet soaps as Kaatje, Helden en GOGOGO. 

The event is suited for all ages. 

Do you want to scream, yell, and laugh this summer? Make sure to come by! 

And don't forget your camera!