TRAKA 21: not a typical key management system!


Traka21 is an advanced stand-alone key-management system, which combines innovative RFID-technology and rough design to provide small and medium sized companies with advanced management for keys or key-sets in an affordable plug & play unit.

Having the right keys for the right people at the right time is a challenge for many organisations. Traka21 simplifies this!

With Traka21, you can decide yourself who has access to which key. Whoever wants to take a key out of the cupboard has to enter a valid entrance code. The software will check if the user is authorised and unlocks the positions of the keys the user is allowed to use.

With Traka21 u can always retrieve a detailed key and user history, allowing you to check who had which key at what time. The list can easily be exported through the USB Port.

Access to the Traka21 cupboard is made possible using the convenient touchscreen. Here you have to enter your pincode. This way, everyone can reach the keys they are authorised to use 24/7. Those they aren’t authorised to use always stay blocked.

Traka21 doesn’t need any connection to a network or a computer. The system works with its own power supply, and there are optional batteries available. 

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