ESA500: Retro fit standalone access control system. Access control has never been this quick and simple!


Staffrooms, warehouses or archiving rooms: buildings with public access usually have different rooms which are only accessible to staff or authorised persons. To easily secure this type of spaces, we present the brand new access control system ESA500 for interior doors and the Premium version ESA501 for exterior doors, by ASSA ABLOY. It is an easy, retrofit, standalone solution.

The ESA500 electronic code fitting grants access to secured zones in a simple way. An existing door fixture can easily be replaced by the electronic access control system with a keypad, without having to modify the door itself. The electronic fixture is delivered with a pre-programmed PIN code and a temporary master PIN code, which makes the fitting useable immediately after the install.

The access control systems allows temporary openings. Different options are possible: temporary, permanent, one-shot opening,…

The assignment is executed through a simple menu structure with optical feedback. This way one can, for example, use the Supplier Function to allow couriers to use a code only once. 

The Hotel Function allows a clearance from 1 to 36 days: every change of guests, a new code is appointed, which is valid for the duration of their stay. You just have to remember the code and insert it in the fitting.

The Office Function makes it possible to open a door completely temporarily. This option could for example interest doctors, vets, lawyers, …

Premium-fitting ESA501 secures exterior doors

The assembly of ESA501 provides extra protection against for example burglary. It is also certified for out-of-house use, fire and emergency doors. The fixture has the same functionalities as ESA500

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