Brand new Aperio® escutcheon with PIN code

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The new device can be used wherever doors are to be secured by multi-level authentication – physically with a card and logically by means of a password.

With the new Aperio® escutcheon with PIN code, ASSA ABLOY adds another innovation to its range of products allowing Access Control Systems to be extended without wiring: The Aperio® PINpad device provides multi-level door security – and does it without the need for wiring.

The wireless Aperio® PINpad escutcheon allows access to rooms simply by entering a PIN, via a card reader or with a combination or both. The user code to be entered can have four to eight characters.

Depending on the integration in the Access Control System, the escutcheon supports the integrated Duress Code function to provide increased security. Depending on the integration level of the device, a silent hold-up alarm can be triggered in the security centre if, in a dangerous situation, the user enters the attack code instead of his own PIN.

The Aperio® PINpad escutcheon is available for conventional RFID technologies: iCLASS, MIFARE classic/plus and MIFARE DESFire as well as for existing 125 kHz access control systems based on HID PROX or EM410x.