Agoria Roadshow


ASSA ABLOY introduces to the new generation of architects and engineers the latest technologies

Agoria, the Federation of Technologic Industry, organizes a student road show trough the country. These take place in different universities of the Flemish part of Belgium. 

Agoria and his partners, within ASSA ABLOY, believes that the upcoming new generation of architects and engineers should be aware about the latest technologies and Belgian building products that contribute to the overall occupants comfort.

For two and an half hour would six different comfort themes explained by a debate, the themes are:  accessibility; design; energy efficient; ergonomic; health and safety. During this debate they will take a closer look at this matter with the representatives. 

The Agoria partners are:

  • Daikin
  • Renson
  • Reynaers
  • Thyssenkrupp

The students of the 3the and 2the degree can listen to the debate and ask their questions to one of more representatives. The moderators are two teachers of the school. We are represented by Marc Ameryckx. The questions were like: Could burglary safety and fire safety holding hands? Is it possible to combine design, ergonomic and quality? Is refurbishing not too expensive if we have to use the new technologies? It’s very important that the students know why it’s important to use quality products and how to place them.

The products have to satisfy the needs of the customer but also they have to think about the six themes that are very important to make a decision of which product they going to use. The role of an architect or engineer is to propose the best solution to satisfy the customer needs.

After the debate the students could go to a place where each participating company had his own stand. We, ASSA ABLOY, have decided to present our access control solutions on a booth with small doors in it. The doors opens with the following products: SmartAir mechanical lock and SmartAir badge reader, Litto Mac and a keypad.

The students were amazed of how many possibilities there are to open a door and they like to hear more about our products and how they work. They were also happy to get a better understanding of our locking world.

We conclude with the two main messages we gave to the students:

1. ASSA ABLOY is a big player in security & hardware and the global leader in door opening solutions

2. ASSA ABLOY is helping the specifiers to find the best solution which can satisfy all the customers’ needs in terms of quality , budget, design,…